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Perhaps you just splurged on new furniture or are expecting another more important new arrival.  Maybe your walls have suffered from years of dings and other scrapings and need to be spruced up. Or you simply want to hit the reset button and inject a new tone into your home. One of the least expensive but most impactful projects that you can undertake is interior house painting. Hire AZ PAINTING for a professional consultation and expert execution of your paint job.
Among the first thing, visitors notice when entering your home is your wall colors. When you return home from work or errands, do you want to calm things down or pump up the volume?  As you may know, color can influence mood. You may have already decided on what color you’d like to paint your room. If not, we can provide color consultation to help you achieve your objective. If you are painting multiple rooms, we’ll suggest colors that are related, contrasting or uniform as per your needs.
Whether your project is simple or elaborate or for one room or many, our employees pride themselves on completing your job on time and to your satisfaction. After your color has been selected, we explain your option for finishes – flat, matte finish, eggshell, semi-gloss or high-gloss – depending on whether the area needs frequent cleaning or is potentially high-touch.


Our workflow typically is:

• Protect furniture and floors
• Remove switch plates and hardware
• Fix, tape, clean, sand, or simple wall repairs as needed before priming
• Gather the correct equipment – say a blended polyester and nylon brush if we are using a latex-based paint – so as to not leave bristles behind with the paint job
• Use high-quality paints such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams
• Apply two coats or more for color consistency and durability
• Leave you with a modest amount of paint for future touch-up
• Clean up the worksite and reset your furniture

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