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Is Replacing Better Than Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the biggest factors a homeowner must weigh when redecorating their kitchen is budget.  A kitchen update can be extremely expensive – often tens of thousands of dollars, or more – so, understandably, a homeowner would look for ways to reduce the expense.
Refinishing kitchen cabinets would be an obvious example. If the cabinets still work, in terms of successfully holding cooking materials, why replace them entirely? Well, as with most things, there are pros and cons to both approaches.

Why Painting Your Cabinets?

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is the obvious choice when you want to save money. However, if you have an eye towards selling, later on, it may not save you that much in the long run.
Consider the design of your cabinets. Does their overall look still match with current styles, as well as with the rest of your kitchen? If you can slap some new paint on the cabinets, and have them look fine in-context, then refinishing is definitely an option.
Also, this is a good choice if you already have hardwood cabinets. Good quality woodwork is essentially timeless and usually benefits significantly from refinishing.

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Why Replace Your Cabinets?

Replacing your cabinetry is more expensive, but there are times where it makes sense. First, if the cabinets are already significantly damaged – such as being warped or cracked. Refinishing won’t repair them.
Another factor would be if you’re not happy with their placement, or you’re planning on a total revamp of your kitchen layout. Preserving existing cabinets is difficult, in this case.
Also, if they have an overall style which is simply out-of-date. Sure, refinishing midcentury cabinets is an option – but they’ll still look out of style, no matter what color you choose. Nor is the midcentury likely to come back any time soon.
Finally, there is the matter of refurbishing to flip. Kitchens sell homes. If your goal is to sell the house quickly, and for a high price, a top-quality kitchen with all-new hardware will make that much more likely.
Some Cabinet Refinishing Ideas
Like the style of your cabinets? Have you considered replacing the hardware on the doors and drawers? Like the color? Perhaps sanding followed by a polyurethane finish could suffice. But if you want to transform your kitchen, consider applying a bold coat of paint to your wood cabinet. Painting or staining your cabinet doors in contrasting colors to a tile backsplash could be just the flair needed for your kitchen design. Refurbishing kitchen cabinets could be a modest home improvement that makes you fall in love again with one of the central rooms in your home.

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