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Periodically the exterior of your home will need to be painted to protect it from the environment and to enhance its curb appeal. The decision to paint a house can typically be characterized as need, opportunity or preference:
• Paint is visibly faded or cracking
• As part of a larger remodeling project
• The color change is desired
Frequent questions preceding a painting decision are:
• How much does it cost?
• How long will it take? How much prep work is involved?
• What will be the quality?
• Will special designs be accommodated?
• What will be the durability?

Cost is important to many homeowners

Cost is important to many homeowners. We provide on-site consultation and an estimate of our guaranteed work that remains valid for thirty days. Our quote is based upon the amount of prep work required, the need for any rehab work, the specific paint selected, and the level of detail work (trim) – all driven by the total square footage of the type of surface(s) being covered which influences labor costs.
Prep work is under-appreciated. A quality job begins with having a “good surface”. A good surface means clean, uniform or cured (in the case of stucco) and will entail pressure washing, sanding, caulking, and removing chips, peels, mold, mildew, lead paint or other imperfections. Priming with a high-quality sealer enhances surface consistency for paint adhesion.
Many homeowners replicate their existing color schemes. For other exterior home painting jobs, we provide a one-hour color consultation considering natural elements, permanent fixtures, surrounding neighborhood, house style, levels, and trim.
We typically use Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore products as they offer extensive colors and offer quality suitable for the Northeast. Other brands are available upon request.

We Use High-Quality Exterior Paint 

The exterior paint we usually apply is 100% acrylic latex. Paints with higher pigments, binders, and solvents tend to be more expensive. The price premium is warranted due to the richer colors and extended paint longevity. Oil-based paints are still used, particularly for application to doors, wrought iron or details that will be touched or are highly visible. Surfaces such as stone or brick have to allow water vaporization and cannot be covered with an oil-based finish.
We paint two coats for uniformity and longevity – often deploying “spray and back roll” for speed and precision. Jobs completed with lesser paints usually last 3-5 years while the premium paints we use last twice as long. When not disrupted by weather, jobs last one to three weeks. We clean the work site daily.
Exterior home painting is physically challenging. Prep work requires patience and expertise that tends to be glossed over by non-professionals. Inattention to these details results in premature peeling and short-lived results. Skimping on paint leads to earlier than expected fade.

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We use high-quality material to make the project as vibrant and long-lasting as possible. Our painters are, knowledgeable and professional. We respect the value of your time and perform our work as promised, weather permitting. Our work is guaranteed. Please review the numerous positive testimonials earned from our customers.  We are excited to earn your business; just as important, we want to earn your appreciation and add you to our growing list of satisfied customers!

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